About Us

Barkley Shreve, a native of Mobile, Alabama, founded Spring Hill Kitchens in 2003 with a good friend in order to satisfy those who had urged her for years to  produce her family cheese wafer recipe on a larger scale. Yes, there really was a “Mamie”, Barkley’s mother, who originally perfected the recipe. The “Famous” came about because Southern women (who know a thing or two about hospitality) know the value of a dependable recipe that can be ready to serve and ‘Wow’ your guests before you’ve even gotten settled in for a nice visit. Something this good just had to be shared!

Hospitality will never go out of style, and Mamie’s Famous Cheese Wafers lets today’s busy entertainers uphold that tradition with flair. A warm, tasty hors d’oeuvre lovingly prepared and made without any preservatives will make your guests feel special.

Spring Hill Kitchens is thrilled to share this old family recipe for cheese wafers with you. We hope you enjoy eating your cheese wafers as much as we enjoyed making them!

News about Mamie's Cheese Wafers

“It’s not often that we find a convenience product that tastes as good as these buttery slice-and-bake cheese wafers..."

Southern Living

"Slice-and-bake cheese wafers are my number one crowd-pleaser..."