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Talk of the Town Channel 5 Nashville, August 2017

Talk of Alabama, Birmingham, May 2017

Okra Magazine
June 2019 –

“Busy hosts love the convenience for last minute company. Mamies Famous Cheese Wafers are perfect to have on hand and smell incredible as they bake.”

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Mobile Bay Magazine
November 2018 –

“The perfect bite to serve with a cocktail, cheese straws or cheese cookies are a real Southern staple…It’s slice and bake, done the Deep South way.”

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Deli Market News
June 2018 –

“With convenience trends continually shaping fresh food and Southern cuisine enjoying a renaissance, it’s not hard to see why a brand like Mamie’s Famous Cheese Wafers piqued the interest of upscale retailer Williams Sonoma.”

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EveryDay with Rachael Ray
– December 2014 issue: –

“Southern hostesses swear by Mamie’s Famous at cocktail hour. Think of them as the love child of a cheese straw and shortbread cookie. Instant Upgrade! Top each wafer with a pecan half before baking. Garnish with a small dollop of red-pepper jelly before serving, or serve alongside store-bought pimento cheese for spreading.”

Epicurious Magazine
– July 2014 issue: –

 “For cheddary, cayenne-tinged bites, simply slice and bake this Alabama cheese wafer dough.”

Alabama Magazine
– July/August 2013 issue: –

What started as a family recipe is now a perfect appetizer for any gathering. Once you taste Mamie’s Famous Cheese-Wafers you will definitely want to keep them stocked in your freezer at all times.   See article (PDF)

HGTV Magazine
– June/July 2012 issue

Calder Clark, a popular event planner in Washington D.C., is featured and says of Mamie’s Cheese Wafers, ” Slice-and-bake cheese wafers are my number one crowd-pleaser. They have a nutty, sharp flavor that tastes homemade, but they come right out of the freezer.”   See article (PDF)

Bon Appetit

“Mamie’s Famous Cheese Wafers make entertaining easy.  Just keep the dough in the freezer, cut thin slices as needed, bake for about 15 minutes, and you’ve got fresh cocktail nibbles made with cheddar, butter, cayenne pepper, and pecans.”


Southern Living

“It’s not often that we find a convenience product that tastes as good as these buttery slice-and-bake cheese wafers.  Studded with crunchy bits of chopped pecans, Mamie’s Famous Cheese Wafers are made without preservatives. .  .  . they’re terrific to keep on hand for drop-in guests.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

 “Spicy, rich cheese straws are a Southern favorite.  Short of picking up shortening-laden versions at bakeries that don’t come close to the flavor of homemade, though, there’s been little alternative to making your own.  Mamie’s Cheese Wafers, a frozen, ready-to-bake dough, changes all that.  Testers liked the ease of preparation – just let them sit for 10 minutes, then bake for 12 – and the taste, a slightly spicy cheddar cracker with pecan bits.  They’re good because they contain the ingredients you’d use if making them yourself . . .”

Food 411

 “We recently tried an exciting creation, Mamie’s Famous Cheese Wafers.  Homemade, in a frozen slice & bake log these cheese wafers are delicious and ingenious.  Real sharp cheddar combines with pecans and butter – the aroma alone is worth baking them.  It is an instant conversation starter for your next get-together, in the South no one would consider having a party without them.  For everyone it is time to experience this Southern tradition.  We all loved the crispy texture and the wonderful taste.”


“No matter how you slice ‘em, these are a no-brainer for quick, delicious cocktail food.  Keep a tube of the frozen dough on hand at all times so that in a matter of minutes you’ll have fresh cheese wafers warm from the oven. . .”

Houston Chronicle

 “Our new favorite why-didn’t-I-think-of-it product:  Mamie’s Famous Cheese Wafers in a slice-and-bake tube.  The dough is frozen and resembles refrigerated cookie dough.  Just thaw slightly, slice and bake for 15 minutes.  The wafers cook up crisp and Cheddary, flavored with pecans and a hint of cayenne.  Your guests won’t guess you didn’t make them from scratch. . .”

Birmingham Magazine

  “It’s one thing to pull out a box of prepared cheese straws when company comes, but quite another to pull out a pan of fragrant, piping hot, buttery wafers that you can let guests think you made yourself.  Tubes of Mamie’s Famous Cheese Wafer dough let you pretend you did all the work . . .

The Nibble

“You do virtually nothing except slice and bake and accept compliments.” READ

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